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services agile product management

agile product management

We have a long experience in managing products in agile environment with strong focus on business results. Our proffessionals can help you to turn your vision into reality. We like to participate on the success.

services project management

project management

We know how to create specifications and roadmaps. Based on our long-term experience we are able to set the project the way it is deliver on time and the potential issues are visible very early. We are always looking for the options to hit the objectives. This alway brings motivation for the whole team.

services architecture and technology

architecture and technology

Our people live technology. We are always open to help with the initial architecture design and we can also provide a leadership in introducing new technologies into your teams. We work on many projects and we are continuously gaining new experience in technology area and we are ready to share with our customers new trends.

services interim management

interim management

We have an experience in managing IT segments in top leading companies for many years. We can support you in case of expansion, lack of know-ledge or technology skills or in case of unexpected circumstance when you need unexpected help.

services team coaching

team coaching

We listen to your team to understand the needs of the organization to be able to uncover the topics to work on to provide better performance. Based on our experience we are also able to serve relevant feedback to your team to help to improve the skills and culture of individuals and teams..

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