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The Make platform shapes the future and offers opportunities for new IT projects. Whether it's a simple task, a workflow, or building a large-scale application and system. You can assemble everything according to your needs with the help of automation and artificial intelligence in one visual environment.




1 year

Project size

M (200k - 400k EUR)

Tech stack

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Size of the team

FS developer
FE developer
BE developer
Team leader
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Project description

The Make platform can be used for any project and idea. From simple tasks, workflows to applications and complex systems. You can assemble everything according to your needs with the help of automation.

Devcity has the opportunity to participate in the development of several products and functionalities of Make. Such as implementing a feature flag solution across systems together with an A/B test. Or managing and developing solutions for collecting and distributing user and system actions from across the platform.

We also collaborate on AI solutions (artificial intelligence) thanks to our Python developers. We are involved in debugging modules to predict frequently used patterns.

We develop AI Chatbot with the help of artificial intelligence. We are implementing a RAG solution (acquiring extended generation). We use information retrieval based on embedding and vector searches. Prompt engineering, which is the practice of designing inputs for artificial intelligence tools to produce optimal outputs. Implementation of the "agent approach" regarding the practical creation and implementation of a system that functions as an intelligent agent. Automated testing of many variants of models and parameters. Data consolidation and AI augmentation. That's the list of our activities to support the AI services of Make.

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